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Mercy Hot Springs, California, 1999



My wife Laura and I were looking at houses one day when we noticed a "for sale" sign on an old 60s Airstream Caravelle. We laughed that it would be fun to take one of those across the country as we had done three years earlier when we rented an R.V. in order to drive to New York, photographing her for a story in Vanity Fair Italia. We took down the number and called it when we got home. We had thoroughly enjoyed our cross-country trip in 1990 and decided to buy the Airstream. The car I had wasn't capable of pulling it so we bought a 1993 Chevy Blazer K-5 and learned how to trailer. We took a few small trips with my daughter to the desert and planned to take a long trip to Canada to visit Laura's sister who was getting married. I realized that the Airstream was perhaps the most important piece of photographic equipment that I owned. It would place so many pictures within my grasp that would otherwise not be possible just as a certain lens is used to bring home a certain image. We took off in the summer of 1993.


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