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Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, 1993



A friend of Laura from Canada was vacationing in Oregon so we planned to drive first to Mount Hood, Oregon, so we could see our friends and do some windsurfing at the "Gorge." I packed the Airstream with camera equipment and cases of film, our two dogs, food for a long trip and we took off. If I'm photographing, I can find anyplace interesting - any trip worthwhile. Laura, to her credit, understands me and understands this aspect of me. She knows that I'm in another zone when we're looking for pictures and she has other activities she enjoys that we can add to the trip. She also photographs, writes, she makes jewelry and studies landscapes. We photographed all the way up the coast of California, stopping in many of the small towns we came to. There was always something in each place that was familiar to me. Once we got to the Oregon border we realized that this was the 200th anniversary year of the Oregon Trail. We decided to photograph every town on the entire trail - but in reverse. We started in Oregon City and drove the entire route all the way through Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska to St. Louis, Missouri where the famous trail started in the fur trade era. From there we drove north through Iowa, Illinois and Michigan to photograph Laura's sister, Donna's wedding in Canada.


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