A Multimedia Presentation of
Video Interviews produced
by Bryan McLellan
and Garrett White

On how Nash Editions got started: "I've been a photographer all these years... I was introduced to the Iris printer..."
On making his own prints: "I haven't been in my own darkroom for ten years... this digital world is completely fascinating to me..."
On the attitudes of digital prints: "I've seen a great change in the mindset..."

On starting Nash Editions: "We experienced a lot of resistance..."
On their varied approach to printing: "It opens up a whole new box of possibilities..."
"The tradition model of printmaking has changed a lot..."
On the advantages of digital printing: "In the darkroom your limitations are your materials... none of those restrictions exists in the digital world."
On creating digital negatives: "Twenty inches is the largest that we've made."
On experimenting with techniques: "We're confronted with permanence on a level never before seen..."
Working with the latest Epson products: "The most exciting development that I've been involved with..."

On Nash's first digital prints: "I knew that this digital world was full of secrets that we had to unlock."
On working with artists like Manuel Alvarez Bravo: "He got it immediately..."
On working with Epson: "The resolution was there and the support from the company was there..."
On the "America in Detail" exhibit: "We knew that there was a lot of promise there... they really understand."
"We want to put out the best prints we can...we did two years of research."

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