VISIONS: Gideon Mendel

Dorika Gabriel carries her ill son Joseph (aged 30) out of their house in Bugarika settlement outside Mwanza in North-West Tanzania where he spends his day sitting in the shade talking to passers-by. Mwanza is in the Great Lakes Region where the disease first appeared more than fifteen years ago in June 1997. Dorika said, "I am happy to take care of my child. I used to sell tomatoes at the market, but now I cannot because I have to be here all the time to take care of him. I also have to pay 500 shillings (50p) a day to have water fetched because it is too difficult for me."
Quote from Joseph Gabriel: "I have been sick for 10 years now. Before I was sick I was in secondary school in Form 6 in preparation for university. At the moment my life is rich. When it is warm and dry like this I spend my days sitting outside my house. I read the Bible and people pass by and talk together with me. My mother or my young brother carries me outside at nine o'clock in the morning and back inside at four o'clock in the afternoon. My belief in God makes me happy and I have the love and care of my family.")