Barry Bishop, Mt. Hood, Oregon, 1974

In 1973-74 I hiked 1,500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail through the mountains of California, Oregon and Washington. Details of the hike have diminished but the human story of those summers is strong still.

In 1973 I climbed Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier with Barry Bishop who ten years earlier had been the first journalist and photographer to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. On our climbs he retold that story, which climaxed with him and three other climbers being forced to spend the night exposed near the summit. They survived, though the climb cost Bishop his toes.

The following summer I met Denise Myers of Colorado who, together with her boyfriend, was hiking the length of the trail - Mexico to Canada, 2,600 miles - in one season. I admired her for that and the admiration turned into affection and the affection into love. We were married three years later and have traveled together since.


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