Video Interview
with Joe Galloway
Co-Author, "We Were Soldiers Once... and Young"

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Intro, from Texas to Topeka.
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Traveling with Harry Truman.
From Topeka to Tokyo.
"I want to go to Saigon."
"I saw them throwing bodies off a helicopter."
The equipment and tools for covering war.
"I need a machine gunner and you're it."
Fighting the Viet Cong.
Marching with Col. Hal Moore.
Flying into the war's biggest battle.
"All of a sudden, all hell broke loose."
"You see terrible things."
Working conditions during battle.
"The adrenaline flow was horrific."
"I just thought the whole world was dying."
The differences between Vietnam and the Gulf War.
Rick Rescorla, hero from Vietnam and Sept. 11.

Photographs from the movie set of "We Were Soldiers"
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