The slot machines in the casino of the destroyed Hotel Europa during the Bosnian Serb siege of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1993. Almost 2,000 children, and over 10,000 people in total were killed in Sarajevo during the 3-1/2 year siege.

I had this can of food that I wanted to trade. Maybe I could have gotten one, two kilos of flour. So that I could take it home, and so that my wife could make some celebration. So that I could take them to my daughter so that she would have something to eat, because there wasn't enough to eat. People ate porridge, grass, nettles, various. We were struggling, y'know, we would run under shellfire just to be able to get something to take home. But the man I went to barely have a kilo of flour to offer me. I turned to go in the direction of where the shell was going to fall. I saw a flash of light. I heard the sound and I saw the light. Then I was out. I fell in a coma, because I didn't know that the shell fell so nearby until I was taken to the hospital. When they explained to me where it hit. It was three meters, right next to that self-service store. The fourth table of that textile store called the "22nd of December". I was covered with body parts, and only my head was sticking out. I remember one lady with no head or legs, who was lying to my right and there was also a half of a man who was all bloody. I don't know how long I was conscious then. But then someone came over to me, a television reporter from Japan or China, I think, the person's face looked different from us Europeans.
Sakib Suskic

Excerpt From: Sarajevo survivor testimonies from OPSADA (The Siege) by FAMA International

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