Sarajevo residents use anything they can find to collect water from a stream running under "Sniper Alley", 1992. During the siege of the city running water and electricity were scarce, subject to being cut off by the besieging Bosnian Serbs.

To fetch the water, you would go to the brewery, at night to avoid the shells. It was impossible to go during the day or in the early morning. It was freezing, and your hands would go numb. When you came home, you could not dry yourself. If someone carried four 5-litre canisters attached to his back with a belt, he would come home with his back wet. I made an iron rod and carried two canisters on each rod, which means that I carried twenty litres of water.
Muhamed Poljo

Excerpt From: Sarajevo survivor testimonies from OPSADA (The Siege) by FAMA International

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