Sarajevo residents salvage the remains of trees that have been cut down for use as fuel for cooking and heating during the Serb siege of the city, December 1992. During the first winter of the siege most of Sarajevo's parks and tree-lined boulevards were cut down by desperate citizens.

You know, that was one decision for which I was much criticized: why did I allow the parks of Sarajevo to disappear? And around the 10th of September I gave a statement in which I said that I thought it was much more important to have that wood, which at that moment was used to make food, and which would be used later for heating during those long Sarajevan winters. I felt that one human life was worth more than all that greenery, than those trees of ours.
Muhamed Kresevljakovic'
Mayor of Sarajevo

Excerpt From: Sarajevo survivor testimonies from OPSADA (The Siege) by FAMA International

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