The Digital Journalist
The Wall at Abu Dis. Abu Dis has few schools, health clinics or jobs because its residents always relied on Jerusalem for all three. The climb over the wall has become so much a part of the daily routine for the residents of Abu Dis that vans idle in rows at either side to pick up the commuters. In order to retain their status as residents of Jerusalem (which permits them much greater mobility than West Bank I.D.) young Palestinians must attend Jerusalem schools. Israeli soldiers tolerate the passage of youngsters over the wall, however older men or workers are sent back over if they are caught by the Israelis. For the moment the barrier is temporary and the daily ritual of passing the wall is more like a game of "cat and mouse". Once the permanant wall will be in place, 8 meters high, nobody will pass. Anybody that will need to go to Jerusalem will be required to make a large detour of twenty to thirty kilometers. What is normally a trip of five or ten minutes will take one hour, or two or three, depending on the humor of the soldiers at the check-points.