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© Ted Jackson/The New Orleans Times Picayune
ALCEDE JACKSON The corpse of Alcede Jackson is reverently laid out on his front porch on Laurel Street in Uptown New Orleans, covered with a blanket held down by slate. The body was left abandoned for 17 days with an epitaph scribed on a poster board: "Rest in peace in the loving arms of Jesus." This scene was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. How does Webster define poignant? Profoundly moving, touching, piercing, keenly distressing to the mind. I can't describe this scene more eloquently. This city has a long, long road ahead of her. She needs your help. My brother-in-law once achieved perfect Christian irony after confronting desperation close up. He said as I say to you, "I will never forgive you if you don't pray for us."