Photograph by Robert Wallis
Russian Portraits
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Young women at Utopia, a Moscow nightclub, at a party for Russian Playboy Magazine. When asked if they supported the government's reform programs, they replied, "Of course, our life can't get any better than this."
Golovensky Village - Anastasia Fillimova, 88 years old, has lived in this one room barrack (temporary housing) since the end of World War II. Her husband died in the war, and she worked as a trench digger for the army.  She said, "The government, starting with Brezhnev, promised to give us veterans new housing, but their promises were never kept. I've never had running water but at least I received free coal from the mines for heating. Now the mines are closing and the coal has been stopped. Sometimes a neighbor cuts wood for my stove but usually I must wear all my clothes, indoors and out. We don't live, we exist." Photograph by Robert Wallis
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