Photograph by Robert Wallis
Russian Portraits
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Two  generations on Tverskaya Blvd., Moscow's main street.
Chief of a collective farm in southern Russia. When asked about the state of agriculture, he said "The government has forgotten the Russian countryside. It supports traders in the cities but for the villages there is only destruction. We haven't received any salaries for months and no money for spare parts; half of our combines are broken. We had a good crop but not enough equipment to harvest it. Privatization is not working in Russian agriculture. A wheel for a combine costs 1,000,000 rubles but a liter of milk sells for only 600 rubles. How can we live?" 

"For 74 years, we had state investment and it worked successfully. Now there are racketeers even in the countryside. If we don't pay them for protection, thieves come in the night and tie up our cowboys and kill our cows."

Photograph by Robert Wallis
"Russian man should not follow the Western model. We fulfilled the state plan before, we gave to the state and still had wheat for ourselves. I've had enough of young people who don't want to work. The ones who go in foreign cars should be put in the gulag.  Gorbachev is enemy number one, for starting this destruction. He should be shot and Yeltsin should be next."
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