Amy Bowers TV Talk 
"Shot at, and Missed"
Time creates a window  
of opportunity 
where memory becomes history,  
before it is lost.  

Who steered the steering committee 
when we occupied the administration 
building at Penn? 

Fred Strober, I think  
in ’69. 

The first Earth Day,  
when was that?  
Allen Ginsburg, in Philly  
What did he read?  was it 
I was so  

Kent State v the government,  
“They had to kill our children,” 
said Mark Rudd, thirty years later 
I kept your Wanted Poster 
as a souvenir, I told him,  
but I lost my diploma, I think  

What are you, a pack rat? 
Yes, I save shiny things 
I save memories 

Why did you go to Vietnam 
I asked Larry Crowley 
whose tripod I  
on days he used  
the sticks 
I’d shot every story there is 
to shoot  
but I never shot a war. 
A "woar"  
he pronounced it. 

Shot at and missed, 
Shit on and hit 
don’t think about scarring, 
Just try to get through it. 

If you remember, please 
write it 
record it. 
There’s a window here


Amy Bowers
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