The Digital Journalist
Queer Eye for the Photo Guy
February 2004

by Amy Bowers

It's time to work on your look.

Do you like that aircraft carrier flight suit thing? The Harley look? Naked breast, bad enough to bust a thrilling Superbowl victory?

We at The Digital Journalist have sat idly by long enough, while our readers schlubbed around town with a camera, looking all wrong, expecting to take a great picture.

You have the talent but you lack a certain something to catapult you to the big time. Honey, you need the right clothes. You can't go wrong in black. If you want to look powerful or important, wear red. Unthreatening and friendly, pink. Make your accessories speak for you. Bright lipstick, or soft? Spiky little heels, or something you can walk in? Lacey thong, or something you can walk in?

If you want a healthy aura of confidence you need the right long-sleeved T-Shirt with a simple logo, that tells the world, "I'm a mad good shooter."

The Webmaster, the Dispatches Editor and the Publisher of the Digital Journalist have decided to sell accessories, chatchkies, "stuff" to our readers, so you can be as cool as we are.

We offer you a long sleeve Tee that looks great on newsmakers, pop stars, and photosexuals.

Click on the link below to be the first on your block to wear a DIGITAL JOURNALIST t-shirt. Proceeds will go to THE DIGITAL JOURNALIST online magazine.

Get out there and show the world your stuff.

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The Digital Journalist Long Sleeve Tee-shirt

© Amy Bowers