The Digital Journalist
Ziyah Gafic
It is hard to find out how many palaces Saddam has built during decades of his dictatorship. Only in Tikrit he built 73 palaces in one compound. He made artificial lakes, rivers, bridges, hills for himself, family and closest associates. Near the ancient Babylon he built artificial hill and a palace inspired by Babilonian architecture. After the fall of regime many palacese have been looted, others have been protected by US Army that uses them as their bases. They say they are easy to protect. Most of the Iraqis have never seen these palaces. They were not allowed to get close and palace are surrounded by concrete walls and watch towers. Palaces are decorated with his styleized initials, statues, murals showing glorious Iraqi Army. In one of his interwievs Saddam said architecture is his hoby.