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Greg Miller

Greg Miller
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Primo Amore
The exhibition of Greg Miller's work that is on display at the Redux Gallery in New York is titled "Primo Amore," or "First Love" for those of you whose Italian is as poor as mine.
by Peter Howe

Video Presentation:  Interview with Greg Miller

Interview by Peter Howe

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Greg Miller
  • "There was a guy on 14th street selling an 8x10 camera." [view]

  • "I fell in love with decisive moments when I was shooting with small cameras." [view]

  • "I was able to go up to people and tell them what I wanted from them.... I had to build up strength... It's a huge ordeal to go out and tell complete strangers what you want and need." [view]

  • "To me it's fiction based on a true story... that's why I don't call myself a photojournalist." [view ]

  • "What I photograph is the opposite of war, it's people at peace, people at rest." [view]

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