The Digital Journalist
August 2004, Issue 82
Lynn Butler
Greg Miller
Right place, right time, from Boston to Baghdad
Once Upon a Time in New York: "Magnum's New Yorkers"
Called "Magnum's New Yorkers," the exhibit, currently at the Museum of the City of New York, explores New York through more than 30 Magnum photographers over the last half of the 20th century.
by Ron Steinman
The Death of a Famous Unknown
One of Henri Cartier-Bresson's favorite quotations was from the French painter Degas, who declared that it was "wonderful to be famous as long as you remain unknown."
by Peter Howe
View from the Photo Desk: Luc Delahaye
Luc Delahaye's work spans the world of journalism and art.
by Roger Richards
Common Cents
Do you sometimes feel like you're lost in the crowd? One of the biggest problems in our profession is that photography has become "commoditized."
by Mark Loundy
Nuts and Bolts
Can a camera that small be any good?
by Bill Pierce
Take Control of your Creative Business - Personal Online Archives For All
The only reason people make pictures is to visually communicate - it's time technology made it easier for more great photos to be seen by more people.
by Evan Nisselson
Tales From Central America: Diversity? My Assity
When male photographers of a certain pale tone get together these days it seems like the conversation usually gets around to "diversity" and it's awful effects on said pale gentlemen.
by James Colburn
NPPA Board: Budget, Officers and Awards
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (July 11, 2004) - At the 2004 annual NPPA board of directors' meeting, July 8-10 at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Fla., new national officers were elected, the board voted to reduce its size by nearly half (eliminating regional associate directors as voting members of the board), a new Code of Ethics that takes into consideration modern digital imaging was unanimously adopted, and honorary awards and contest winners' awards were bestowed.
by Don Winslow
In these frantic times, much of what circulates via email from desktop to desktop is pure frivolity, serving as light entertainment, sarcasm, or just plain comic relief.
by Beverly Spicer

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Platypus Theater: A Pug's Life: The Dogumentary
My first event was the Pug Halloween Party and that's when I realized that "Pug People" were a unique group.
by Marilyn Braverman
TV News in a Postmodern World: Beyond the World Wide Web
The reality is that the Internet is much more than a broadcast delivery system, and that's where most people in the television world continue to miss it.
by Terry Heaton
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