The Digital Journalist
Almost Famous
I'm in the B block. Jack tosses two questions to me.
by Tobe Berkovitz
The Girl Who Shot Saddam
It was the ultimate perp walk.
by Karen Ballard
The War Offshore
While many members of the ICDF had previously served in the Iraqi Navy it had been, in some cases more than a decade since anyone had worked on a ship.
by PA1 Matthew Belson
Tour de Lance
3 weeks. 3,500 miles. No credentials.
by Alex Jones
Superstar, Catwoman or Photojournalist?
Manila's Mayer Atienza... said he thought he was being introduced to Miss Dallas.
by Cheryl Diaz Meyer


We've never received a dispatch from a "pundit" before, so when Boston University Professor Tobe Berkovitz was treated to a skybox view of the Democratic Convention, we asked him to describe the experience. Photojournalist Alex Jones shot his first Tour De France not from the photographers' motorcade but from the public area, while Karen Ballard won a coveted assignment to shoot within spitting distance of Saddam Hussein. Matthew Belson photographed Iraq from the water, and when Pulitzer Prize winner Cheryl Diaz Meyer sent e-mail home from a parade float in the Philippines, we could claim with confidence that our contributors wrote dispatches from several unusual perspectives this month.


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