The Digital Journalist
Michael Jackson
In this day of digital this and digital that, they still depend on me, my $20 drawing pad, pen and markers in my hand, to come up with the images sent on the satellite around the world to millions.
by Bill Robles
The Eye of the Beholder
People see colors differently; they see different things in the same picture.
by Henry Butler
Standing Up for Terri
"Let's go over to my studio"
by Timothy Fadek
Boby's World
I was rid of my fixer, rid of my agenda
by Amy Marash


What is beauty? Something you can see? Henry Butlerís dispatch introduces us to a blind manís world of beauty and art. Butler does what all artists do: he commits a presentation of truth, and executes using intuition and intellect. He fearlessly shares his photos and his story, from New Orleans.

How do you capture a bit of history with a portrait?

Bill Robles, courtroom sketch artist in the Michael Jackson case tells how he uses pen and marker to record the trial of the bizarre superstar.

Timothy Fadek supplemented his coverage of the Terri Schiavo vigil with portraits of the most persistent protesters.

And I couldn't find a subject until it found me, in Banda Aceh three months after the tsunami.

Though April Dispatches may fall your way, we bring you portraits that bloom today.


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