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April 2005, Issue 90 [ RSS ]
April Dispatches: Notes from the Field
The photographer, weary from seeing so much, closes his eyes. The time has come to rest.
by Roger Richards
Common Cents
The next time an editor calls you with an assignment, remember that part of their job is to get the best for the least.
by Mark Loundy
But is it Journalism?
I took a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree course during the silly but wonderful 1960s, at a time when Pop Art was hitting both the market and the minds of undergraduates with revolutionary zeal.
by Peter Howe
A Letter from Central America: So Near And Yet So Far
When I planned a long-delayed vacation to Europe last year little did I think that I would be in a place where so many things would be happening ... at the same time.
by James Colburn
Nuts & Bolts
When I first came to NYC, two very good photographers helped me get a little bit better.
by Bill Pierce
Actually, There Is No Line...
Consider the following two incidents involving photojournalists.
by Karen Slattery and Erik Ugland
Professional Careers: How Creative Are You?
Truly creative people are different from the majority of the population.
by David Lyman
Heroes Never Die
"Even when the voices and recollections of witnesses have been extinguished, photographs will continue to illuminate our memories."
by Horst Faas
Interview with Jan Arnold
Horst Faas' interview with Jan Arnold, author and director of the documentary film "Heroes Never Die"
by Horst Faas
Celebrity Journalism and Other Corruptions
Everyone has a theory about the current problems in journalism. I, too, have one.
by Ron Steinman
TV News in a Postmodern World Re-thinking News Promos
"It's not even safe to walk to your car in daylight anymore," the local anchor announced as we watched surveillance video of an assailant with a box cutter chasing a woman in a mall parking lot. Welcome to the world of news "teases."
by Terry Heaton
There is a lot of chatter going on these days about basic things once taken for granted.
by Beverly Spicer

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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the April 2005 issue of the Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
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Camera Corner: Sony HVR-Z1U
Here we have the cat's meow.
by Steven Trent Smith
There's an Eel Swimming in my Hypo Tray
Jimmy was a sweet little man and had been a fixture in our darkroom for as long as I could remember.
by Dick Kraus
Eye on POYi
It was just four short years ago on a drizzly February Friday that I was privileged to be sitting in Gannett Hall at the University of Missouri watching as my portfolio bested 124 others giving me the honor of being named 2000 National Newspaper Photographer of the Year.
by Scott Strazzante
Morning Rituals & Photographic Passion
Something I just started (I got the idea from a message board post) is shooting every morning, immediately after I wake up, before I formally start my day.
by Joyce Lin
The Second Time Around, Covering the War on Terror
It's said the second draft of a story is always stronger than the first. This might also be true of the second draft of a photo story.
by Sean Cayton

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