The Digital Journalist

Remembering Jocelyne
May 2005

On March 31st, 2005, Jocelyne Benzakin died of emphysema at the age of 59. During her long career in photography she had been, among other things, the New York bureau chief of Sipa, and had owned and run her own agency, JB Pictures. For many years and for many photographers she was the quintessential agent/mother hen, fiercely protective of those whose work she represented, a talented editor and inventive saleswoman. Over twenty of the photographers whose careers she nurtured and developed have assembled a gallery of their photographs as a tribute to her, and to show that one person can have a real impact on photography. The full collection can be seen at from which the following is a sampling, along with some of the photographers' memories of this remarkable woman. The next step is to work out a more permanent way that the memories of her work and her life can be preserved.