The Digital Journalist
Christophe Agou
Life Below (The NYC Subway 1998/2001)
"Jocelyne and I met in New York in 1994. Her enthusiasm for life was real and contagious. She worked with people who had passion for photography. She had a keen eye and constantly wanted to be surprised. She saw the best in others. She appreciated beauty. She found true passion in what she did. She learned the appreciation of honest critics. We laughed often and much. She loved and she will always be loved...

Her last e-mail came to me while I was in London this past month of March. This time she was asking for a picture of flowers. I was surprised by her request. London was hit by a heat wave and I could see flowers blooming all around along the streets, on windowsills and city parks. I wish I had taken a moment to make a picture and fulfilled her simple wish."