The Digital Journalist
Louise Gubb
Aug 1985 Duncan Village, South Africa, Mass funeral for 18 victims
"I met Jocelyne in 1985 through our mutual friend Maggie Steber, just as I was leaving to cover the South African struggle against apartheid. She agreed to give our partnership a try, and when JB closed, about a decade later, we were still together.

The news of her passing brought home to me how crucial she was to my pursuit of my photojournalistic dreams. With her enthusiasm for all things photographic, her close contacts with photo editors in the States and Europe, and her great eye for key pictures, she provided me the resources and the freedom to cover the emerging new South Africa pretty much as I saw fit. In return, she demanded total loyalty to J.B Pictures.

When I missed important moments, she'd encourage me to get going on to the next. And when we did good, I remember well her deep guttural chuckles of delight effervescing down the long-distance phone line. She loved to win. Fellow photographers in South Africa used to comment on how lucky I was to have such a dynamic, effective agent.

At a Newsweek end-of-year party in the late-eighties photo editor Guy Cooper told me how much he admired Jocelyne's unique editing eye. He said that when she sent him her weekly photo selections - in response to his picture requests - every single picture was useable and appropriate to the story. She made his job easier.

And she made my life the richer for knowing and working with her."