The Digital Journalist
David H. Wells
As a crop duster sprays to the edge of the field in Firebaugh, California he exposes his flagger, whose job it is to direct the plane where to spray, to the drifting chemical spray.
"After stints with other large and impersonal photo agencies, most notably Gamma-Liaison, it was a miracle to encounter JB. I was introduced to Jocelyne through Maggie Steber. Unlike Gamma, Jocelyne did not send me on speculative and costly wild-goose chases. She encouraged me to trust the instincts I was developing as a self-directed photo essayist. This photograph is from one of the first big projects of mine that she syndicated for our mutual benefit. It started a long process, which continues to this day. I use the funds from re-sales of previous projects to fund future projects. Though the current market makes this process more challenging than ever, I keep going with a faith not unlike JB's."