The Digital Journalist
Sesame Street
Several men grab me from behind and are dragging me backwards, holding on anything they can, my arm, a bit of shirt, my camera bag, my camera. I hug my camera tight and start screaming NO.
by Dana Smillie
A Tourist in Burma
I entered the country as a tourist. A teacher on holiday, to be exact.
by Darren McCollester
Camp Michael
We love you Michael
by Monica Almeida


Three photojournalists sent dispatches this month from the corners of the world. Monica Almeida, assigned by the New York Times to cover arrivals at the Michael Jackson trial, took a look at the characters outside the court. Darren McCollester visited Myanmar, a country that does not welcome photojournalists, entering the former Burma as a "tourist" who packed "one pair of pants, 2 shirts, one pair of socks, and a rather large looking professional D1x camera, two lenses, and a dozen flash cards." Dana Smillie, a freelance photojournalist living in Cairo, thought she knew the drill when demonstrations over upcoming elections were expected. As riot police stepped aside, it got ugly and personal for journalists, especially women like Dana. These experiences, overcoming the mundane, working outside one's normal identity, being attacked on assignment, detailed in this month's dispatches.


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