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June 2005, Issue 92[ RSS ]
June Dispatches: Notes from the Field
On The Sly in Myanmar, Mobbed in Cairo, Camp Michael
A Surprise From Long Ago and Far Away
...the emotional highlight of the evening came when it was time to honor former U.S. News & World Report Chief Photographer Chick Harrity
by Dirck Halstead
Thirty Years at 300 Millimeters
Thirty years ago I was fortunate enough to take a photograph that has become perhaps the most recognizable image of the fall of Saigon
by Hubert Van Es
Why Photojournalists Should Gather Audio
How can the long-form, in-depth visual storyteller satisfy both their journalistic and financial needs?
by Brian Storm
A Big Night
It's sort of like a prom. It's sort of like the Oscars. It's sort of like a high school reunion.
by James Colburn
Tech Tips
Tech Tips is intended to be an ongoing exchange of helpful ideas and useful tips on various imaging technology and photo equipment issues.
by Chuck Westfall
Common Cents
"If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today."
by Mark Loundy
Nuts & Bolts
Hooray for the amateur; he knows exactly what he wants to photograph.
by Bill Pierce
A Response to Peter Howe.
by Tom Hubbard
Mockumentary Flap
I care too much about the documentary film, and the different, mostly wrong, directions the genre is taking.
by Ron Steinman
Who hasn't dreamt of flying, defying gravity, soaring above it all--metaphors for escaping reality. by Beverly Spicer

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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the June issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Are These Victims Worthy?
It is unfortunate but true that the worst human tragedies are often the subjects of the best photojournalism.
by Erik Ugland and Karen Slattery
A Photo An Hour
So the morning shooting rituals was exciting for about three weeks, then I got bored, and it just evolved into another ritual: shooting every waking hour.
by Joyce Lin
Super Ernie
The Photo Staff at Newsday was a tight knit little group of men and while we enjoyed a lot of horseplay, there wasn't a hint of malevolence in any of it.
by Dick Kraus
Announcing the 2005 Advanced Platypus Workshop
August 27-September 2, 2005, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA

This summer's workshops:

Dirck Halstead will be in residence all summer at The Maine Photographic Workshops, mentoring students in a Photojournalism Summer Residency.

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