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Digital Journalist Editor Stricken in Vietnam
June 2005

Editors Note:

The Digital Journalist’s Editor for Europe, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and former AP European Photo Chief Horst Faas was stricken by a blood clot on the spine, on the first day of the IMMF photo workshop in Hanoi, an event that Horst had organized to help Vietnamese photojournalists further grow and develop their talents. He had just spent a week in Saigon, attending the media reunion on the 30th anniversary of the Communist takeover.

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Horst Faas Moved To A Rehabilitation Hospital In Germany

(June 2, 2005) - Horst Faas has arrived at the Klinik Marnau rehabilitation hospital in Murnau, Germany, for continued treatment after being transferred from the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, says Associated Press Bangkok Bureau Chief Denis D. Gray.

“Horst just called from Germany where he says he has a gorgeous view of the Alps from his bed. He even managed to get some good Bavarian beer last night,” Gray reports. The update says Faas will have a computer bedside within a few days so that he can correspond via e-mail and he can continue working on book and exhibition projects, although he remains paralyzed from the chest down.

Faas, 72, was stricken May 4 in Hanoi with a blood clot on his spinal column. He was evacuated by plane to Thailand where he has been in hospital until the transfer this week to Germany. He sent friends and associates an e-mail earlier this week from his infirmary bed in Thailand telling of the upcoming flight to Germany, and that he anticipates many days of recovery are still ahead.