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Bolivia Rising
Evo Morales was late and the miners were starting to light off fireworks.
by Spencer Platt
Route Michigan, Ramadi
From the soldiers' rooftop position on top of the small Marine outpost called Snake Pit, election morning in the Iraqi City of Ramadi seemed eerily quiet.
by Scott Nelson
Amman Airport,
Christmas Eve 2005
The airline supervisor peered at me over the counter as I piled the scales high with over 100 kilos of baggage.
by Jason P. Howe


This month "Dispatches" looks at two different electoral processes. Spencer Platt writes of Evo Morales' successful campaign for president of Bolivia. One image presents Morales holding coca leaves greeting his supporters. The portrait has a sharp political edge overlayed on the cheerful moment. Morales plans to legalize coca.

Scott Nelson covered the recent election in Iraq. His dispatch describes the problems and decisions confronting photographers in the war zone.

The Iraqi election is the starting point for Jason P. Howe's flashback to a November bombing in Baghdad. In this case he nearly became one of the war's statistics.

Marianne Fulton
Dispatches Editor

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