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January 2006, Issue 99 [RSS]
Platypus Workshop 2006
Dispatches: Notes from the Field
This month "Dispatches" looks at two different electoral processes. Both Bolivia and Iraq have had historic elections. In Bolivia, native Indian Evo Morales campaigns with a revolutionary platform and evokes emotional responses. The Iraqi elections for a permanent government, the first, take place amidst security concerns.
Edited by Marianne Fulton
Supreme Court's Refusal To Hear National Geographic CD-ROM Case Leaves Conflicting Copyright Rulings
BUFFALO, N.Y. (Dec. 16, 2005) - In two cases that pit the National Geographic Society against a number of freelance photographers, the United States Supreme Court this week refused to grant a petition for certiorari (appeal).
by Mickey H. Osterreicher, Esq.
Tribute to Michael A. W. Evans
ATLANTA, GA. (Dec. 1, 2005) - Michael A. W. Evans, a noted newspaper, magazine, President's photographer, early developer of software systems for cataloging photography collections and picture agency ZUMA Press' first CTO and father of their original database, died peacefully Dec. 1, 2005, while surrounded by his family at his home in Atlanta.
by Scott McKiernan
Nuts & Bolts: Michael Evans
In the early morning hours of December 1, 2005, Michael Evans died.
by Bill Pierce
Curing the Still Animation Headache Moving Pictures from Stage Tools
Size really does matter when it comes to creating high-quality animation on still photos for broadcast.
by William Campbell
Tech Tips
Happy New Year to "Tech Tips" readers!
by Chuck Westfall
Putting the Happy in Happy New Year
Starting on January 1st, everyone everywhere has been offering each other the standard greeting of "Happy New Year!"
by Beverly Spicer
Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the January issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Two Sides of a Coin: Brian Williams and Ted Jackson
You are about to read the story of two different men, both journalists.
by Ron Steinman
TV News in a Postmodern World - 2006: The Unbundled Awakening
This was a difficult and troubling year for the broadcasting industry, as a confluence of challenging but predictable disruptions continued to eat away at the industry's value propositions.
by Terry Heaton
Ethics: Fewer 'Journalists,' More 'Professionals'
With the rapid proliferation of news outlets and the expanding cohort of bloggers and other journalistic do-it-yourselfers making their marks online, mainstream reporters and photographers are clearly facing a crisis of identity.
by Erik Ugland and Karen Slattery
A Photographic Journey Inward
Some of the most meaningful and most important images of my career as a photojournalist were made this past year.
by Sean Cayton
Through a Lens Dimly: 'Tis the Season
Another holiday season has passed and I wax nostalgic thinking about the many holidays that I endured over my 42 year career with Newsday.
by Dick Kraus
Through a Lens Dimly: The Wire Room
"Chirp, Chirp. Chirp." Those damned electronic cricket noises used to eat holes in what was left of my brain.
by Dick Kraus
Announcing the 2006 Platypus Workshop
March 3-March 12, 2006, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA
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