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On "Through the Eyes of the Beholder"
Since July 12, the American media has obsessed on one subject: the escalating Lebanon/Israel/Gaza war. That other two-front war in Iraq and Afghanistan has virtually disappeared from the radar screen (much to the relief of the Bush administration, no doubt). The Mideast war dominates newspapers, magazines and cable television news, 24/7; coverage of death and destruction consumes our lives.
by Marianne Fulton
"The Sky is Falling"
I woke up early on July 12 in my small suite apartment at the Mayflower Hotel in Beirut, my base between working on different stories in various countries for the previous four months.
by Paul Taggart
"Suddenly in War"
It was a routine Wednesday morning as I tried to make some phone calls to members of the gay community living in Jerusalem to coordinate portrait shots. Soon
by Ilan Mizrahi
"Operation Change of Direction"
On the morning of July 12, 2006, eight Israeli soldiers were killed and two more were kidnapped at the Israeli-Lebanon border by the terrorist group named Hezbollah.
by Rafael Ben-Ari