The Platypus Workshop, Winter 2008
New Orleans Workshop-Best Edit
Jimmy Foster - Guitar Man
by Simon Baker
Kevin Stirling

Houston Chronicle Workshop-Best Edit
Jacob - The Survivor
by Johnny Hanson

New Orleans Workshop-Best Story
A New Beginning
by Peter Power
Janice Pinto

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©David Lyman

The Platypus Takes Texas
(and New Orleans)

While Hillary and Obama were fighting it out for the crucial Texas vote, The Platypus Workshops charged across The Lone Star state and into Louisiana in February, as it conducted back-to-back workshops teaching video to photojournalists who came from as far away as New Zealand.
by Dirck Halstead

New Orleans Redemption:
The Platypus Journey

In still photography you shoot from your heart. With video you shoot from your head. You have to think it out first.
by Doug Plummer

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