Obama Inaugural

© Dirck Halstead/The Digital Journalist/Zuma Press

Witnessing Hope and History
I only ever shot one Inaugural – Ronald Reagan's first in 1981. My recollection of it was being cold and bored. As with all political photography your images are only as good as your access, and mine, a Washington outsider working for a French press agency, sucked. I was stuck on a platform that, while it afforded a clear view of the swearing-in ceremony, confined me from doing anything else.
by Peter Howe

What It Was Like to Cover the Obama Inaugural
In my career as a photojournalist, I have now covered 12 Inaugurals.
by Dirck Halstead

January 22, 2009: "Everything" is Possible
A video piece by Peter Turnley

What Does the Inauguration of Barack Obama Mean to You? "Everything."
A blog post by Peter Turnley

How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural
I made a panoramic image showing the nearly two million people who watched President Obama’s inaugural address. To do so, I clamped a Gigapan Imager to the railing on the north media platform about six feet from my photo position. The Gigapan is a robotic camera mount that allows me to take multiple images and stitch them together, creating a massive image file.
by David Bergman

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