The Platypus Workshop, Spring 2009
© Photograph by Anthony Karis
The Spring 2009 Platypus class in the Lloyd Center Park, Portland, Ore., following graduation. Left to right: (front) John Moyers, Bruce Farnsworth, Court Mast, PF Bentley (Edit Instructor), Dirck Halstead (Director), Ann Hutchinson, Scott May; (back row) Dennis Whitehead, Janice Pierce (TA), David Johnston, Kevin Udahl, Greg Fulmes, Maya Alleruzzo.

Surviving Boot Camp
Portland, Ore. – As someone who lives among U.S. troops as an embedded photographer for The Associated Press in Iraq, I like to think I'm no stranger to discipline. But nothing could have prepared me for the rigors of the Platypus Workshop.
by Maya Alleruzzo

Platypus in Portland
Having just completed the May 1-10, 2009, Platypus HD Workshop in Portland, Ore., I am resetting my career in a direction that looks forward, rather than worrying about what is approaching from behind.
by Dennis Whitehead

Platypus Testimonials
"Before this course, I couldn't imagine producing a project on my own. I walked out believing that I could. Thank you."

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