July 2009, Issue 141
  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      For July we have four dispatches: Roshan Norouzi tells the story of the Iranian election campaigns; Derek Henry Flood was in Los Angeles when Michael Jackson's death was announced; Tim Matsui provides a window into his documentary work on the global nature of human trafficking, and on the island of Malta Marios Stavrou reports on the influx of Africans arriving in dangerous, overcrowded boats. more>>
  • E-Bits

    • E-Bits: The Human Condition
      Cyberwars Have Begun

      June 2009 was a big month. Two vastly different but related events captured my attention. The first was the annual LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph held in Charlottesville, Va., June 11-13, a powerful and sophisticated celebration of photographic images from around the world. The second was the cascade of unfolding events following the Iranian elections on June 12. Fateful days these were, in June. more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Nuts & Bolts
      I've noticed there are a lot of things in my gadget bag (excuse me, camera bag) that really are gadgets. more >>
    • Tech Tips
      I'm wondering what the attitude at Canon is regarding the so-called megapixel race. more >>
    • Common Cents: The 'Cheap' Trick
      In a down market, one of the toughest things to do is resist the pressure to lower your prices. In fact, it makes sense that if your potential clients are hurting, you'll gain their favor by dropping your rates. more >>
    • The Reporter's Life: No Place Like Home
      In February, The New York Times carried an article with this lead sentence, "After Thursday Liz Smith will not have a home in a New York City tabloid for the first time in 33 years." more >>
  • Camera Corner

    • The Leica M8.2 Experience
      I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not only four months into my fourth look at the latest digital Leica M camera. I'm referring to this year's new Leica M8.2. more >>
  • Books

    • Resetting Book Publishing
      Photojournalist Rick Smolan has always taken the path less traveled and is known for using cutting edge technology to tell compelling stories and to feature the work of his friends and peers in the photography world. more >>
    • For the tenth anniversary of Ron Steinman's book, "The Soldiers' Story," Barnes & Noble is republishing it in its highly respected "Barnes & Noble Rediscover" series. The book is available online and in Barnes & Noble bookstores.
    • Moments In Time
      by Dirck Halstead
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • Using Free to Sell Paid
      There is a misconception in the world of journalism that news has only one definition — one set of rules and guidelines — and that the demand for news, therefore, is limited to what those rules and guidelines can produce. more >>
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