February 2010 - March 2010, Issue 147
How the Platypus Can Change Your Life
In the late Nineties I knew I needed a lifeboat in a hurry... more>>
  • E-Bits

    • E-Bits: Haiti, Up Close From a Distance
      The aftermath of Haiti's January 12 earthquake has a déjà vu quality, reminiscent of desperate days after Hurricane Katrina. Once again, the world was transfixed on suffering, hope and despair, so much so that electronic broadcast of such coverage has now been dubbed "disaster porn." more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Nuts & Bolts:
      Some Heavy Thoughts

      We worry about the weight America's young people are putting on, but nobody worries about their DSLRs. Come on, folks, these cameras have a serious weight problem too. more >>
    • Ethics:
      Coach's Ground Rules Were Out of Bounds

      In our most recent column, we defended President Obama's right, as a news source, to refuse to appear on a Fox News Sunday show because, in the president's opinion, the network is biased against him. more >>
    • Common Cents:
      Welcome Back

      The Good, the Bad and The Ugly built up during my month off for the POY issue. Here they are in all of their businesslike goodness: more >>
    • Tech Tips
      Q. I'm using an EOS 5D Mark II DSLR, but my thought is in general about future DSLRs. I read earlier in your Tech Tips that using video mode does not impact sensor longevity and that video recording uses the whole sensor surface. more >>
    • A Reporter's Life:
      Do It Yourself

      I meet Jeff, a news producer, at the same party, the same time of year, once every year. And once every year he tells me the same thing. "I'd love to go off and do something on my own." He whispers it, sort of under his breath. more >>
  • Commentary

    • The Value of Papers
      This week I packed up about four decades' worth of files and tapes that were in my house as I prepared to move. more >>
    • My Two Cents: Photos from Haiti
      I have no problem if people complain about what they read in print, online, or see on TV. Accept it. We are a nation of complainers. more >>
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • The Four Opportunities of 2010
      Everybody goes though it, the process of grieving. My most recent experience was the death of Allie, and while I don't look forward to the next time I must grieve, at least I know I can get through it. more >>
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