Requiem - Duc Phong, Vietnam, 1966
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Duc Phong, Vietnam, 1966

A young Viet Cong suspect cries after hearing a rifle shot. His captors, Chinese Nung tribesmen in the service of the U.S. Special Forces, pretended to shoot his father, a ruse designed to make the boy reveal information about Communist guerrillas.(UPI)


Sean Flynn arrived at the UPI bureau in Saigon shortly after his friend Dana Stone. He had "popped over" to Vietnam from Singapore where he was acting in a movie. An adventurer, like his famous father, Errol Flynn, he wanted to see some action. I got him accredited as a UPI photographer. Once official, he wasted no time disappearing into the "boonies."

Sean was unlike most photographers. Instead of doing quick operations in the field, Sean wanted to hang out with the Special Forces and the "LURPS " (Long Range Patrols) in the thickest jungles and the highest, most remote mountain ranges. He would disappear for weeks at a time, and when he returned, it was with only a few rolls of film. But his photos were unlike anyone else's.

(Dirck Halstead)

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