A Multimedia Presentation of
"We are organized
and moving forward.

We will be free--and the
sighted will accept us as
partners and equals.

We know who we are, and
we will never go back."

- Dr. Kenneth Jernigan

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The Sniders
Documented Moments
15 photos
Introduction by
David Snider

The Sniders
Family Album
8 photos

 The Mayor
5 photos
Camp Lighthouse
5 photos
Doug's Key
11 photos
The Convention
8 photos
As the son of blind parents, I have a lifetime of experiences with the blind community.  Although my parents will never see my work, they have supported me and my efforts since I started photographing at 8 years of age. 

After witnessing many encounters where my parents had to overcome the prejudice and ignorance of others, I decided to use my energy, skills and knowledge as a photojournalist to make a permanent difference in the way blindness and blind people are perceived by the general public.

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