Alfred Eisenstaedt - Photojournalist of the Century 
Part Three of the Veterans of LIFE
A Multimedia
Presentation by
The Digital Journalist
See Dirck Halstead's RealVideo of Eisie 
in his LIFE office, talking with colleagues 
Carl Mydans and Gretchen Wessels.
(28.8K, 56K)
(DSL, T1)
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The Icons
The Portraits
The Vineyard
Photos of Eisie
Picture Editing by Debra Cohen / LIFE Gallery of Photography
Read more about Eisie in our Feature columns:
In Appreciation of Eisie
by Bobbi Baker Burrows 
For Love of Eisie
by Marianne Fulton
My Friend, Eisie
by Carl Mydans
 Eisenstaedt's Ode to Joy 
by David Friend
Alfred Eisenstaedt 
by John Loengard
Vineyard Time With Eisie 
by William E. Marks
Remembering Eisie
by Bill Pierce
Why We Chose Alfred Eisenstaedt
as "Photojournalist of the Century"
Editorial by Dirck Halstead
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