The Digital Journalist
Nancy Lane / Staff Photographer Boston Herald
8th inning, Game 6, A Rod (Alex Rodrigues) ran down the first baseline and slapped the ball from the glove of pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

LANE: I made the picture in Yankee Stadium from a shooting position above 3rd base. We are in a section called Loge 14 where we stand with our backs against a wall shooting over the heads of rows of Yankee fans.

When I shot the picture I thought "A Rod" had run into Arroyo and the pitcher had made an error, dropping the ball. My first thought was this would be another "Red Sox Moment" where things would start to go wrong for the team.

It was only after the umpires had ruled interference against A Rod that I was able to look at my viewer and see the shot.

We had 4 shooters from the Herald and runners bringing our cards or digital film to an editor under the stands. The image was selected by our editor in the stadium and transmitted to the paper. It ran in the next day's edition.