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October 2005, Issue 96 [ RSS ]
Dispatches: Notes from the Field
Stories from the hurricane aftermath
Edited by Marianne Fulton
Welcome to a new column.
by Marianne Fulton
Horst Faas in Murnau
Renowned photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas was in Hanover, Germany, Oct. 1, 2005, for an award ceremony of the German Photographic Society.
by Marianne Fulton
Covering A Story from Inside and Out
There was a sea of pink shirts in every direction.
by Paula Lerner
Common Cents: Crunching the Numbers
Last month, the Kansas City Star made it onto "The Bad" list. Sadly, the Star is far from a rarity in the newspaper business.
by Mark Loundy
ANGELO KLONIS: The Real-Life Story of an Army Soldier Turned American Icon
When visiting the Andrew Smith Gallery in downtown Santa Fe last summer, the sound of live Dixieland jazz lured me across the street, inside "Evangelo's," where I came face-to-face with dozens of photographs of a man I felt I knew - the man featured in the famous W. Eugene Smith photograph, the face of World War II.
by Mary Virginia Swanson
Nuts & Bolts
Wildfires are burning in Southern California, and you can smell the smoke if you are sitting in my home office.
by Bill Pierce
Tech Tips
by Chuck Westfall
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Matter of "Getting It"
In one of my previous lives, I was involved in a fundamentalist Christian group that many would probably consider a cult.
by Terry Heaton
Peter Jennings: Thanks for the 'Fill'
We drained the last drop of Carmel cabernet...
by Patrick J. Sloyan
The Gulf
Most of us have been completely engulfed-for lack of a better term-this September by events along the Gulf Coast.
by Beverly Spicer
Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the October issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
The Long Road to Platypus
When I was first asked to help produce television to go with one of my newspaper stories, I was outraged.
by Carolyn Moreau
Forwarded Through the Looking Glass
I love the English language, although I have to admit that because it's the only one I speak I don't have much with which to compare it.
by Peter Howe
Trauma: Journalism's Hidden Malady
I am thinking of trauma, and, after that, post-traumatic stress disorder - PTSD - and how it relates to journalists.
by Ron Steinman
Greetings and salutations, youngsters. Let me tell you a story.
by Dick Kraus
Stick and Me, Part II
Last month I wrote about "Stick" (Dick Yarwood) and me and our adventures covering the Republican National Convention in San Francisco where Walter Mondale became the nominee for the upcoming presidential election.
by Dick Kraus
The Greek Restaurant
It's hurricane season and this year the big news is about the two killer storms that tore up much of the US Gulf Coast.
by Dick Kraus
Ripples Through the Week
As it is with any story of national importance, broadcasters in the television news business attempt to find local stories relevant to events happening thousands of miles away.
by Mark Neuling
Announcing the 2006 Platypus Workshop
March 3-March 12, 2006, Brooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA
We're Back!
Readers of The Digital Journalist (TDJ) have known of the long partnership with my own Web publication, The Digital Filmmaker (TDF), and our collaboration in the portal site Digital Vision Network...
by Roger Richards
Digital Railroad Announcement: What's new
I am happy to announce that some new features have been added to your archive, with many more currently under development.
by Scott Braut
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