Photograph by Fred Maroon

The Nixon Years

President Nixon walking between
the columns en route from the
residence to his office in the West Wing.
 December 14, 1970.  

RealAudio: "I took
anything I could get..."

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President Nixon's daily commute involved walking from the residence part of the White House to the Oval Office in the West Wing.  On this brisk winter morning he waved hello to me, disappeared between the columns, and crossed the garden to a door that led directly into his office.

The President's daily commute is a short one.  President Harry Truman used to take long walks on the Mall and elsewhere at daybreak before starting his day's work, and President Clinton's jogging regularly made the news, but outside of getting to and from his office, Nixon was not known to exercise in public.  When I shot this photograph I was at the point where I was glad of whatever opportunities I was given, no matter how fleeting, to capture him on film.  Some of these "now you see him, now you don't" moments have ended up being among my favorites. 

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