Photograph by Fred Maroon

The Nixon Years

President Nixon is lost in thought
while in the presidential helicopter,
en route from San Clemente to El Toro
Marine Base, where he would
board Air Force One. 
January 14, 1971. 

The loneliness of the President

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After I had completed a photo session with the President in San Clemente he asked me if I was satisfied with the way my book project was going.  I of course stated the obvious: that I would like more opportunities to photograph him.  To my surprise I was informed shortly afterwards that I could fly with him and his family and staff on the presidential helicopter from San Clemente to El Toro Marine Base in southern California.

Mrs. Nixon sat directly across from the President, but they never spoke. Occasionally, lost in his own thoughts, he would gaze meditatively out the window. 

It was interesting how detached the President was from everyone else on the helicopter. The others spoke or laughed together, but the President spoke to no one except briefly to Commander Larson, who gave him a folder of documents to work on. 

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