Photograph by Fred Maroon

The Nixon Years

Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., of North
Carolina, chairman of the Senate 
Select Committee on Presidential
Campaign Activities.
November 1, 1973.


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Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., a North Carolina Democrat, was the chairman of the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, popularly known as the Watergate Committee. Ervin, seventy-five years old at the time and a senator for eighteen years, had been the author of the resolution that proposed the investigation into the Watergate affair.   He quickly became a household name as a result of his manner and approach, and developed such a following that spectators would applaud when he entered the room. 

There is nothing that beats a wise old man.  Before coming to the Senate he had been a lower court and state supreme court judge for a total of fourteen years.  When he banged his gavel, to many, he embodied the conscience of the nation.  At the conclusion of the hearings it was evident to all that he had served himself and his country well.

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