2010 Features

Winter & Swartz
Images from Hell

2009 Features

David Bathgate
Sides of the Wire

Lucian Read
The Long Haul

Peter Turnley:
The Fall of the Iron Curtain

Brenda Ann Kenneally:
Upstate Girls

David Burnett:
44 Days: A Revolution Revisited

Seamus Murphy:
A Darkness Visible

Nina Berman:

Maggie Steber:
Native Americans

The Platypus Workshop
Spring 2009

Back in the White House
After All These Years

The Kentucky Derby
Scenes of the Season

Colin Mulvany:
From Stills to Video in the Newsroom

Video Journalism Issue

The Housing Meltdown

Obama Inaugural

From the "Train of Death" to the "Wall of Shame"

2008 Features

What Matters

The Content of Our Character



The Conventions

Beijing Olympics


Curse of the Black Gold

John Moore

A Time It Was

In the Eye of the Myanmar Cyclone

The Veterans
Interment of the
Fallen Four

Philip Jones Griffiths
In Memorium
Scott Jensen:
NPPA TV Photographer of the Year

McClellan Street
2008 Platypus Theater

Douglas Kirkland:
"Freeze Frame"