The Digital Journalist
The First of the Last Rides
As I drove across Sunset Blvd, and spotted the first satellite truck, I knew I was in the right place.
by Monica Almeida
State Funeral
Washington too often lets you see what it wants you to see, and Reagan's funeral was going to be no exception to this unyielding rule.
by Spencer Platt
Front Row Tears
When one of them addressed the casket as, "Mr. President," I couldn't hold back the tears.
by Pete Souza
Close Encounters
Whatever one may have thought of his politics ... no one who met him could resist his charm and humor he brought to the table.
by Dick Swanson
In the Shadows: Ashraf's Bullet
Her real dream was to work as a journalist in Iraq.
by Sherrlyn Borkgren
Doing My Work
I always try to find good places and distances to shoot without the notice of the occupation forces and with the help of Iraqi people. I try always to hide between the Iraqi people when clashes take place.
by Samir Mizban


The entirely expected death of Ronald Reagan dominated the news for an entire week in June. New York Times photographer Monica Almeida took the first watch of the first stakeout at the Reagan residence. Spencer Platt went to Washington to shoot the ceremonies for Getty Images, and Pete Souza was called to duty by the Reagan family for his special assignment. The 40th President and his organization remained remarkably consistent over the years. Hal Bowers and Dick Swanson take us back to the early days, which sound a lot like the last days.

And in Iraq, transfer of power or not, those who help the Americans face great danger. Iraqi photojournalist Samir Mizban explains the risks he takes to work for the AP and Sherrlyn Borkgren describes one target, executed without warning, for working for the occupying force.


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