The Digital Journalist
July 2004, Issue 81
Welcome by Dirck Halstead
Welcome to the July 2004 issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
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Covering the Death of Ronald Reagan and Life in Iraq
Nuts and Bolts
Last month I said we would talk about some of the changes a good black-and-white silver printer has to make in his technique when he moves to the dry darkroom of the computer.
by Bill Pierce
View from the Photo Desk
This month we feature a Q&A with Wade Goddard, curator of War Photo Limited, a new museum of war photography located in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
by Roger Richards
Jim Colburn in Central America: Doughnuts Rule
Truth is, the world runs on doughnuts.
by James Colburn
Technology is an empowering tool, not an obstacle!
Technology has turned the photography industry upside down.
by Evan Nisselson
Peter Turnley's Photo-Essays To Debut In Harper's Magazine
Photojournalist Peter Turnley and Harper's Magazine will debut in the August issue the first of four major eight-page photo essays by the New York- and Paris-based journalist, stories that Harper's Magazine will showcase over the next year.
by Don Winslow
In Search of the Middle Way
We should be ashamed of ourselves for being journalists. If it weren't for us the world would be in much better shape.
by Peter Howe
Common Cents
Each of us should have our own basic contracts ready to present to clients.
by Mark Loundy
The Digital Filmmaker
Platypus Theater: Unadoptable
I now observe life not only in moments, but also in sequences.
by Gail Fisher
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Assumption of Trust
Who's to blame that the news is often obsessed with pop culture at the expense of important (often foreign) matters?
by Terry Heaton
Radio Corner: Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Throughout the history of amateur radio communications, licensed groups of two-way radio operators have regularly proven to be a reliable backup for existing governmental communications agencies.
by Roger Williams
Control Room
"Control Room" is not a great film when we look at it as filmmaking.
by Ron Steinman
It's about time for The Digital Journalist to acknowledge an unofficial but notable side of digital life, comprised of photographs and short videos that come across our desktops on a daily basis via e-mail.
by Beverly Spicer
Video Presentation: Echoes of War
Take a journey through the battlefields of Iraq with Inquirer photographer David Swanson.
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