The Digital Journalist
September 2007, Issue 119
Dispatches: Notes from the Field
This month we present three dispatches: Dai Kurokawa reporting on the Thailand-Burma border. Shapiro visited Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. In Afghanistan, David Bathgate observes heroin addiction and sees firsthand one of the country's very few treatment centers.
by Marianne Fulton
E-Bits: Back to Basics
After slipping deep into the memory hole last month about my first impressions and experiences in photography, there is no more time to linger or wax poetic about the past.
by Beverly Spicer
Celebrating 10 Years of The Digital Journalist
For print publications 10 years is a real accomplishment. For an online magazine it is nothing short of amazing.
Tell Me a Story
During the 1980s, if you wanted to turn my brother from the even-tempered, easygoing individual that he normally was into a rage-consumed animal, all you had to do was to mention the two words "Margaret Thatcher" within his hearing and that would do it.
by Peter Howe
Ethics: No Good Reason to Duck and Cover
The story was repeated in the mainstream media and widely across the Internet.
by Karen Slattery and Mark Doremus
Tech Tips
From time to time, I see an "ERR 99" on the LCD data panel of my EOS Digital SLR. What does it mean?
by Chuck Westfall
Nuts and Bolts
The constant quest, the impossible dream – the little bag that in spite of its small size holds a huge amount of equipment...
by Bill Pierce
Common Cents: Momentum
Momentum. It's what keeps your business going. Momentum is what builds up between assignments.
by Mark Loundy
Compression Session
I received the Complete Training for Episode and EpisodePro DVD and promptly spent almost 4 non-planned hours mesmerized by their content and easy-to-follow instructions.
by PF Bentley
Reel Love
"I have trouble - of the worst kind." I was standing in a restaurant bathroom whispering into my cell phone.
by Francene Cucinello
A Letter From New Orleans
The golden sunlight of a summer afternoon warmly caressed the lush, verdant expanses of a typically Southern, rural antebellum scene.
by Jim Gabour
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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the September 2007 issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Ron Steinman
The Bizarre Story of Joe O'Donnell
He was selling some of the most famous pictures in photojournalism history at a gallery in Nashville. The problem was, he didn't take any of them.
An Exclusive Report by Marianne Fulton
Leica M8
It has now been almost a year since the release of the landmark Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera, a year fraught with setbacks and triumphs.
by Roger Richards
The Leica M8 on Assignment
During a recent six-week trip to Iran, I shot exclusively with a Leica M8.
by Bruno Stevens
"Moments in Time" Book Tour 2007
Presentations by Dirck Halstead.
TV News in a Postmodern World: News as a Commodity
In the world of business economics, few words frighten the market leader like "commoditization" or "commodification."
by Terry Heaton
Politics and The New Front Porch
At the end of July, CNN and YouTube got together to put on a TV event they believed would take political debate, and, thus, this current campaign for president, to new heights.
by Ron Steinman
Through a Lens Dimly: Life Before Digital (Continued) (Once Again)
Good Grief! Once I got started recalling the days before digital, more and more recollections began crowding my feeble mind.
by Dick Kraus
A Few Days in the Life
OK I admit it, some days are slower than others and to pass the time I like to check out various web sites like Sports Shooter, Medialine and
by Mark Neuling
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