The Digital Journalist
November 2007, Issue 121
Dispatches: Notes from the Field
Four November dispatches include Sandy Huffaker's and Sean Masterson's gripping coverage of California's horrific wildfires; Paul Taggart's before-and-after report of Benazir Bhutto's carnage-filled return to Pakistan, and Will Baxter's account of dodging bullets in Burma (Myanmar) alongside protesting Buddhist monks.
by Marianne Fulton
E-Bits: Right Brain,
Left Brain
and Perceptual Illusions

During the last three weeks of October, an extremely popular item swept through cyberspace via e-mail exchanges.
by Beverly Spicer
Impressions: The 2007 Online News Association Convention, Toronto
I arrived in Toronto Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 17, a damp day with unusually high summer temperatures similar to New York.
by Ron Steinman
The Life and Times of Ernest C. Withers
I was wandering down Beale Street in Memphis when I saw above a door a faded, torn piece of paper that read, "Ernest C. Withers, photographer." An hour later, my life changed.
by Eric Meola
The Situation Room
Sometimes in the gym, when on the treadmill or working the weight machines, one of the three TV sets is on CNN and its late-afternoon show, "The Situation Room."
by Ron Steinman
Tech Tips
A local photographer here in California suggested I contact you to see if you could offer some advice.
by Chuck Westfall
Nuts and Bolts
A number of my friends and acquaintances are shooting digital professionally, but shooting their personal projects on film.
by Bill Pierce
Good Reputations Don't Come Cheap
Kudos to the Memphis Flyer, a newsweekly that broke the story about The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal's plan to "monetize" its news content.
by Mark Doremus and Karen Slattery
Common Cents: Angry Bees
Getty Images has stuck its finger in a beehive.
by Mark Loundy
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Letter from the Publisher
Welcome to the November 2007 issue of The Digital Journalist, the monthly online magazine for visual journalism.
by Dirck Halstead
Help Free Bilal Hussein
On the morning of April 12, 2006, Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein was having breakfast in his Ramadi apartment. Suddenly heavily armed U.S. Marines burst through his door.
Of Access and Evidence: Why Bilal Hussein's Captivity Endangers Reporters and Sends a Poor Message About U.S. Intentions in Iraq
I only met Bilal Hussein once, in Ramadi, mid-September of last year, but the story he shared with me as we stood outside the bullet-pocked entryway of the Al Anbar provincial capitol building has stuck with me ever since.
by Matthew D. LaPlante
Compression Session: Pan and Scan on Still Photographs in Final Cut Pro: "Option-T" is Your Friend
Remember using the Motion Tab in the FCP Viewer to set keyframes in order to pan & scan with still photographs using a Cross Dissolve?
by PF Bentley
The Sony XDCAM Tapeless Camcorder
On Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007 I took delivery of a pre-production version of Sony's exciting new XDCAM EX-series solid-state camcorder: the all-new PMW-EX1.
by Nigel Cooper
In the Aisles - PhotoPlus Products Report
When covering a show as big (and noisy) as PhotoPlus Expo...
by Dan Havlik
"Moments in Time" Book Tour 2007
Presentations by Dirck Halstead.
Announcing the 2008 PlatypusTM Workshops
Because of heavy demand, we are increasing the number of workshops for 2008 to five.
Local Media in a Postmodern World:
Creating Spectrum Within Spectrum
Mine was the last generation to have known the awe and wonder of downtown, that centralized beehive of retail and business activity in the community.
by Terry Heaton
Through a Lens Dimly: Click
How many times do you have to click the shutter before you know that you have THE shot; that elusive "Magic Moment?"
by Dick Kraus
A Reporter’s Life: Good News, Bad News
Walking through the Robert Capa exhibit now on the walls at New York’s International Center of Photography...
by Eileen Douglas
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