November 2009, Issue 145
  • Dispatches: Notes from the field - Supported by Canon

    • Dispatches: Notes from the Field
      In November we have two very different stories about HIV/AIDS: Justin Mott covers the rejection of infected orphans from a local primary school in Vietnam and Ake Ericson journeys to Tanzania to cover HIV/AIDS vaccine trials that are starting to show some success. In our third dispatch by William B. Plowman, the photographer writes of the growing violence in Guatemala and the death of one TV journalist, Rolando Santis. more>>
  • E-Bits

    • E-Bits: All Trees No Forest
      There is a saying in Texas used to refer to the kind of blustering rancher whose actual holdings don't measure up to his talk: "All hat and no cows." more>>
  • Photo Journalism

    • Fine Art Photographers
      It is the middle of September. I am at a garden party in an exurb of Philadelphia. The party sponsor is Stephen Perloff, who runs The Photo Review. more >>
    • Tech Tips
      Q. I have just taken delivery of an EOS 7D, which has staggering performance and functionality for the price, along with the delightful (at last) fact that the BG-E7 grip has an AF-On button... more >>
    • A Reporter's Life: Dream Come True
      Imagine, if you will, that you are a journalist. Working away at a newspaper, a television station, a Web site newsroom. Happy to be telling stories, chasing your next lead. Doing the work because you love it. more >>
    • Common Cents - "NOBODY" Cares
      Grocery stores put staples like milk and meat at the back of the store to force you to walk past (and be tempted by) displays of the higher priced goods like candy and cereal. more >>
    • We're Just Sayin'
      Perhaps the most telling comment about the state of things was the often lampooned statement by New York Times editor Bill Keller on "The Daily Show" this summer that "the last time I was in Baghdad I didn't see a Huffington Post Bureau, or a Google Bureau or a Drudge Bureau." more >>
    • Nuts & Bolts
      In the last months, so many new toys, so little time ... Whoops, so little money ... more >>
  • Camera Corner

    • Camera Corner: The Leica M9
      Credit Morrissey of The Smiths with the lyrics and Leica for finally making it come true for Leica M rangefinder photographers everywhere. Leica has finally delivered (albeit in very small quantities so far) the camera many were hoping for three years ago when Leica delivered its first digital rangefinder. more >>
  • Commentary

    • Consumer Beware
      After weeks of rumors, a hugely anticipated move in the world of broadcast and cable television has finally taken place. It happened this past week when Comcast bid and won 51 percent of NBC-Universal, currently in the GE stable. more >>
    • All the News That Fits the Horse-Drawn Cart
      The horse has escaped the barn, but almost all the discussions over the years as newspapers began their downward slide failed to acknowledge, or even seemed to grasp in some cases, that "newspapers" are, in essence, really TWO businesses ... the "front half" and the "back half." more >>
  • Q & A

    • Q & A: Richard B. Stolley
      Richard B. Stolley is one of the preeminent names in American journalism. Over his 56-year career at Time Inc., Stolley spent 19 years at the weekly Life, capturing the events and people of our time, and placing them in perspective for our history. more >>
  • Local Media in a Postmodern World

    • The Chaotic New Order
      We have a new puppy in our house, thanks to my youngest daughter moving in a few weeks ago. Her name is Chibi, which is a Japanese Manga term meaning "a small person" or "little one." She is certainly that, a long-haired miniature dachshund that will be about eight pounds when she's all finished growing. more >>
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